Friday, February 25, 2011

as she proceeds

For C.Bake

as she proceeds

as she proceeds
to blankly stare through the window

this very window is the window that separates
the presence of their physical being

as she opens the window her eyes scroll through the lines
her body fills with joy, smiling at every compliment that comes from the boy

waiting for that breeze of fresh new air
she proceeds, out the window she continues to stare

as she proceeds

to indulge in the breath of fresh new air
her concentration is broken, out the window she no longer stares

feeling refreshed
closing the window, she’s anxious for later to read the rest

arming herself with the most proper of needs
she proceeds to gather equipment, to prepare her eyes for whatever they might see

as she proceeds

she hurries down the stairs
racing herself, being sure not to be caught in mid-air

lacing up her shoes, throwing on her jacket
she’s prepared to enter the new dimension and awaits whatever is in it

opening the portal on her way into a new world
she proceeds through, still anxious to once again stare out the window and become a joyful girl

as she proceeds

to walk on the side
from time to time looking up at the cars pass her by every once in a while

distracted by a sudden vibration of her cellular device
she bumps into a figure that she recalls to have seen, once … or twice

dumbfounded by the site
she proceeds to reminisce her memories, trying to figure who this might be

as she proceeds

her eyes fill with joy
for it’s the physical presence of the compliment giving boy

wondering how he entered the same dimension as she
filled with amazement that the window no longer separates their physical beings

filled with awe, the compliment giving boy extends his hand to her
she proceeds to be filled with great joy and starts to walk with the compliment giving boy

as she proceeds

they laugh and communicate like there’s no tomorrow
but tomorrow is scheduled to come, time elapsing, to their portals they must return

as the street lights turn on
staring out their prospective windows they must return

they say their goodbyes
she proceeds to her portal, her return journey to her window now beings

as she proceeds

replaying the events that just occurred
knowing for a fact, the two of them never crossing paths again is a thought so absurd

racing up the stairs she goes
anxious to sit and stare blankly at the window

willing to be filled with joy
she proceeds to communicate with the compliment giving boy

as she proceeds.

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